A light vegan and chocolaty cashew-milk for food-cravings

This is an easy, light and tasty Cashew-Cacao-Milk

with a little Lucuma-Powder and a dash of Cinnamon and Vanilla.

What do you need:
- 150 g Cashew
- 2 Tablespoon Lucuma-Powder
- 2 Tablespoon Millet
- 5 Tablespoon Cacao-Powder
- 1 Teespoon Cinnamon
- 10 Medjool-Dates fresh
-  1 Pinch of Vanilla
- Water for a 2 Liter Container

How to make it:
Put all your ingredients in your container with half of the water - blend it 30 seconds and add in the rest of the water - to blend it at least another 30 sec. - if it's smooth and delicious. If you have a blender, with a smoothie-programm - take this.

Fill it in bottles of glas and store it in your fridge.


Your's Monika

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